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About Bonavita

Bonavita had humble beginnings back in 2016. The husband and wife tandem of Edgardo & Teresita Cerezo worked through vision and guidance from God to launch Ed-Jire Herbal Products (Ed-Jire means “To Honor God and That He Will Provide”). Their initial goal was to benefit people’s health and provide more jobs.

Little did they know that in the years to come, their 8-in-1 Coffee would provide effects that would change thousands of people’s lives worldwide. Today, with the help of their children Jethro and Edgar Jireh, their humble start-up company has become a nationwide success.

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It’s no wonder that people claim it as “The Coffee That Makes Wonders”---it has done so for the Cerezo family, and it continues to do so for the lives of every Filipino lucky enough to have had a taste.

Be one of those lucky Filipinos, and check out Bonavita’s products today!