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Elevate Your Spaces with Flooring Solutions' Epoxy Coating in the Philippines

Elevate Your Spaces with Flooring Solutions' Epoxy Coating in the Philippines

With a track record of excellence, we offer durable solutions that enhance aesthetics in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Trust our expertise to redefine your surroundings with premium epoxy coating in the Philippines.

Elevate Your Spaces with Flooring Solutions' Epoxy Coating in the Philippines

Revolutionize Spaces with Epoxy Coating in the Philippines

In the Philippines, epoxy coatings are more than just flooring solutions; they’re versatile compounds with a myriad of applications. From adhesives to structural support, epoxies play a crucial role.

Advantages of Epoxy Coating

Advantages of Epoxy Coating

Advantages of Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is a versatile solution with numerous benefits for various applications. In this section, we explore the advantages of epoxy coating in the Philippines. From durability to aesthetics, discover why epoxy coating is a popular choice for both commercial and industrial environments.


Epoxy-coated concrete floors offer impressive durability, resulting in significant cost savings. They extend the lifespan of the floor and provide excellent wear resistance, reducing the need for frequent and costly repairs.


Epoxy coatings from Flooring Solutions include glossy finishes that effectively amplify room lighting by reflecting and distributing light more efficiently.


Through the process of resin conversion, the strength of epoxy coating transforms into a resilient solid polymer state, offering exceptional durability and resistance against chemical degradation.

Ease of Installation

Epoxy coating is the top choice for flooring applications in the Philippines due to its straightforward installation process. Many businesses favor it for its time and cost-saving advantages, eliminating the need for temporary closures during installation.

Low Maintenance

Epoxy coatings in the Philippines are known for their low-maintenance characteristics. The non-porous surface makes cleaning a breeze, while the strength of epoxy reduces worries about floor damage.

Aesthetic Appeal

Epoxy coatings offer a diverse range of types and styles, ensuring an abundance of options for incorporating both style and functional type. Available in an extensive variety of colors and patterns, they provide ample flexibility for customization.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy coating’s outstanding chemical resistance makes it perfect for environments like plants, laboratories, and warehouses. Even when exposed to harsh chemicals, epoxy-coated floors maintain their integrity. In addition to their durability against physical wear, their robust strength helps them withstand chemical agents.

Environmentally Friendly

Opting for epoxy coating in the Philippines presents an eco-friendly alternative for floor replacement or renovation, minimizing material wastage by allowing direct application onto existing surfaces, and reducing the need for extensive replacements.

Different Types of Epoxy Coating

Different Types of Epoxy Coating

In this section, we delve into the different types of epoxy coatings in the Philippines, each uniquely tailored to address specific industry needs. From decorative finishes to heavy-duty industrial solutions, discover the perfect epoxy coating for your space.

Different Types of Epoxy Coating

Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A, characterized by its honey-like viscosity, is a versatile resin integral to various epoxy applications, including epoxy coating in the Philippines. Renowned for its broad range of molecular weights, it offers impressive chemical resistance and exceptional physical properties, making it a staple in flooring systems and coatings.


Self-dispersing epoxy coating stands out for its exceptional durability, making it the top choice for areas with heavy vehicular traffic like forklifts and trucks. Its anti-slip properties and reliability also make it a common pick for demanding environments such as food processing warehouses and specialized laboratories.


Self-leveling epoxy coatings are a popular choice in the Philippines for their ease of installation on existing concrete floors. They effortlessly create a smooth, seamless surface, making them versatile for various settings, from home applications like kitchens, garages, and storage areas to commercial spaces in office buildings.

Mortar Epoxy

Mortar epoxy specializes in surfaces subjected to constant heavy force, making it the top choice for industries with substantial load demands. It also serves as a dependable solution for repairing floor cracks before applying other epoxy coatings.

Graveled Epoxy

Graveled epoxy coating in the Philippines is a popular choice for office parking lots and select lobby floors, adding an appealing aesthetic touch. It provides a canvas for creative expressions, allowing brand insignias and intricate designs to flourish with ease.

Epoxy Terrazzo

Epoxy terrazzo floor coatings grace the interiors of many commercial edifices and office corridors, effortlessly blending captivating aesthetics with hassle-free maintenance for an exceptional indoor flooring solution.

Antistatic Epoxy

Antistatic epoxy coatings play a crucial role in environments such as laboratories, hospitals, and electronic plants, ensuring smooth interaction of electronic components and uninterrupted operations. These coatings are essential for spaces where maintaining an electrostatic-free environment is paramount.

100% Solids

Unrivaled in durability, the 100% solids epoxy floor coating in the Philippines excels in high-traffic areas like aircraft parking spaces, safeguarding against abrasions and enduring the rigors of tire marks and intense heat.

Water-Based Epoxy

Water-based epoxy is a versatile choice often selected for its dual function as both primers and flooring sealers, effectively penetrating porous surfaces. This adaptable floor coating not only provides a sleek, glossy finish but also demonstrates excellent resistance to chemical interactions, abrasions, and staining.

Solvent-Based Epoxy

Solvent-based epoxy coating, similar to its water-based counterpart, employs solvents during application as a floor primer and sealer. Comprising 30 to 70 percent solids, it fosters the creation of a sleek and resilient thin layer, offering enduring protection and an attractive finish.