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Total Patient Care is a comprehensive health care facility in BF Homes, Parañaque. Located in the South of the Metro, they provide expert and professional medical services for young and old alike.

Specializing in eye care, general health, and other services, they are always welcome to hear from you and address your needs. Contact them today for any concerns, or to set up an appointment!


158 A. Aguirre Avenue, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila

Specialized and Professional Health Care Services in the South

Total Patient Care provides exactly what its name suggests—expert care and treatment for a wide range of illnesses and conditions. Read on to know more about this health clinic in Paranaque!

Our Doctors

our services

Total Patient Care is a multispecialty clinic that currently provides the following

General Health Care

General Health Care

Having branched out from general pediatrics and ophthalmology in the past few years, Total Patient Care specializes in a number of medical fields, ranging from but not limited to: Otorhinolaryngology, OB-Gynecology, Internal Medicine, and Skin Care.

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Eye Care

Eye care

Total Patient Care’s first expansion allowed it to branch out into ophthalmology, and it has since been offering expert eye care and treatment for patients young and old. Its ophthalmologists are internationally-trained clinicians and professionals in the field.

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Ultrasound & diagnostic

Total Patient Care takes pride in offering some of the best ultrasound services in the South, most often for expecting mothers who want to check on the condition of the babies in their wombs. Total Patient Care also leverages the best technology for their other diagnostic services.

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Our Treatments

Find out what we can do for you at Total Patient Care!

Pedia Ophtha

pedia ophtha

We recognize that treating children is not the same as treating adults, even those with the same condition.

At Total Patient Care, we are specifically trained and well-equipped to treat and manage eye conditions for children of any age. We do this by providing them with the nurturance befitting younger patients and treating their developing eyesight with care.



Strabismus is a serious condition that affects roughly 2 to 4 percent of the global population. It has devastating effects on the aesthetic and visual condition of the patient.

We are experts at treating strabismus for patients of all ages, exhibiting the same precision and care in non-invasive as well as surgical strabismus treatments.

About Total Patient Care

Total Patient Care was founded by Dra. Ma. Concepcion Tan-Paulino, a pediatrician, over 30 years ago. Previously named after its founder, it has since expanded twice—first to eye care services in 2018, and then to multispecialty care in 2021—and rebranded its clinic to Total Patient Care.

As the name suggests, this clinic prides itself on being able to provide comprehensive care for all who walk through its doors. For patients young and old alike, they are dedicated to providing only the best treatments with the most current available technology.

As an established clinic in the South of the Metro, they are open to people from all over the area, gladly offering their services to Filipinos from all over the country.


Why Choose Total Patient Care?

Convenient Location

Convenient Location

Total Patient Care is located in BF Homes, Paranaque. It is accessible via private car or public transport, through Dr. Arcadio Santos Avenue.

Expert Professionals

Expert Professionals

Total Patient Care’s doctors and physicians are locally and internationally honed in their chosen field. Their expertise is visible with each patient they treat.

Accessible Scheduling

Accessible Scheduling

It is very easy to set up an appointment with Total Patient Care—simply send a chat message via Facebook, call or email the clinic during their working hours.

Dedication to Health and Care

Dedication to Health and Care

Each and every health care provider in Total Patient Care is dedicated to the wellbeing of their patients. Their client’s health is their number one priority.

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