What to Look for in Wood Plastic Composite Suppliers in the Philippines

What to Look for in Wood Plastic Composite Suppliers in the Philippines

What to look for in choosing wood plastic composite suppliers in the Philippines?

  1. Expertise
  2. Reliability
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Range of Products
  5. Quality


  • Wood plastic composite is a versatile material that can be used as an alternative to timber.
  • Since there is a growing number of suppliers for this material in the market, knowing the right factors to consider when choosing a WPC supplier is essential in making your project come to life.
  • These factors include a supplier’s expertise, reliability, adherence to regulations, range of products, and quality.

Selecting the right wood plastic composite (WPC) is essential for ensuring the quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your construction or renovation projects. With various options available, identifying key factors that distinguish top suppliers from the rest is important.

This article explores what to look for in wood plastic composite suppliers in the Philippines, helping you make an informed decision and achieve the best results for your projects.

What is Wood Plastic Composite?

Wood plastic composite bears a close resemblance to natural timber, but it is made by combining fine wood fibers with thermoplastics and other adhesives. This results in a combination of durability and resistance of plastic. Some of its features are resistance to moisture and heat, a deterrent for termites, and longevity. Additionally, it requires less upkeep than its timber counterparts.

With its characteristics, it can be utilized in various applications such as construction, furniture, and interior and exterior design. It is a favored material for door and window frames as well as in signboards and billboards.

Therefore, knowing what to look for in choosing wood plastic composite suppliers in the Philippines can affect the quality, performance, and cost of materials you’ll need to procure for your project.


A supplier’s expertise is essential since they can provide knowledge about the ins and outs of a product. They know the best ways to use WPC, answer any specific industry-related questions, and offer guidance during the construction or installation process.

They can provide high-quality WPC products that meet industry standards. They can also help you in navigating any unexpected issues that may lead to delays, saving you both time and money.

Their proficiency in the composite wood industry can mitigate risks and prevent pitfalls during the duration of the project. As a result, you can expect quality results while also experiencing peace of mind.



Whether it’s for construction, interior works, or furniture building, a project requires consistency and commitment from its supplier. This means the product and the service you’ll be receiving quality products consistently throughout the project, and their commitment can assure you they won’t just drop you halfway through.

One way to ensure your chosen supplier is a reliable one is through looking at their track record and how they respond to your initial inquiries. You’ll be able to see if other customers found their product and customer service satisfactory.

Furthermore, reliability is essential in choosing a partner as it impacts the service you’ll experience and the quality of the materials you’ll be working with.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your chosen supplier adheres to the set regulations on WPC. Technical smallprints such as their supply’s performance rating, the types of safety standards, or what kind of wood fibers and thermoplastics are used in the production are all valid questions to ask them.

For instance, you may ask about the safety standards followed during production. This includes compliance with local building codes and regulations concerning materials used in construction and outdoor applications.

Since the primary use for WPC lies in the construction of deckings, stairs, floors, and even ceilings, knowing your chosen materials follow the standards means you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Range of Products

Range of Products

A supplier with a wide range of available WPC is an essential factor in what to look for in wood plastic composite suppliers here in the Philippines.

Some only offer a small range of products on hand. For instance, if your project involves using WPC for an outdoor setup, make sure they have various products that are targeted to or can be applied to your desired application. This ensures you’ll be getting a handpick of the most suitable option for your project.


Selecting a supplier that provides high-quality WPC ensures that their products are capable of delivering excellent performance and durability, meeting your specific requirements effectively.

It is always a good practice to look for one who follows comprehensive quality control measures. Undergoing a strict quality assurance process ensures that the WPC products can be seamlessly incorporated into your project, avoiding warping, breaking, and fading.

Key Takeaway

Choosing wood plastic composite as an alternative to timber also means finding the right supplier that can fit the needs and requirements of your project. With these key factors to look for, finding the right partner for your project will not have to be a confusing experience.

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